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I started in the insurance business in 1993 at Prudential Insurance in Washington, Pennsylvania. I was 24-years-old and had a lot of indirect experience in the industry because both my mother and father had been with Prudential for a combined 40+ years. I personally thought Prudential was the greatest company in the world. The great rock of Gibraltar stood on my dad’s desk, and at the time Pru was one of the largest financial companies in the world. My naivety was realized when through training sessions, I was “taught” (in the interest of the company) to utilize cash values and dividends to purchase additional insurance. When I informed my dad of the fantastic strategy to help clients, I was quickly taught the true nature of this business, I was scolded abruptly and then explained the consequences of what my superiors were teaching me and their new agents.

I made it one of my goals to understand the truly complex nature of the insurance and financial industry. I learned to look at each client’s situation in its entirety and apply all the resources available to me. Another important aspect that I learned is that no one company can address a client’s situation in its entirety, and therefore I left Prudential and became an Independent Representative.

In 1998, I realized that tax planning can make up to a 50% difference in a client’s potential income, especially during retirement years. I started utilizing tax planning as a valid tool when implementing retirement plans. Since then most of our clients greatly reduced the amount of exposure to their retirement portfolios due to the increased net income from proper tax planning, and as a result very few suffered any form of market loss to their plans. My basic philosophy is to create retirements, whether pre-retirement wealth accumulation or post retirement preservation, that are tax friendly, well rounded and competitively researched with an emphasis on safety and security.

In February 2006, I became president of Marley Financial Group located in Eighty Four, PA. The company on a whole is comprised of different members, each with specialties of their own, ranging from comprehensive estate and tax planning to general business insurance and company benefits. We have a very strong support structure of three Field Marketing Organizations that coordinate product to ensure accurate data when obtaining quotes, as well as a large network of professionals to quality assist in areas, such as mortgages banking and legal concerns. In 2008, I realized that our country's financial and economic course was unsustainable, and have been working hard to provide solutions to the risks associated with the continuation of Quantitative Easing and have since established Protective Precious Metals as a means to provide low premium physical Gold and Silver for our clientele. Lastly, I am very proud to say that I have been blessed with the fortune of having quality, real people represent my name and my company and to Him I’m thankful.

Todd A. Marley

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