Health Insurance

At Marley Financial, We have access to literally every health insurance provider available to you. This lets us independently select the best plan to suit your individual needs.

UPMC, Highmark BCBS, Aetna, United Healthcare just to name a few.

More Importantly, however is that we are able to structure your insurance needs to reduce your overall costs all while increasing your coverage.

Pro Life Health Plan

Looking for a Legal, Moral, Affordable option to Obamacare specifically for those in the Faith Based Community? Get a quote today! CALL 724-884-1496 or email me at

GAP- How to have UNDERWRITING be your friend.

As you may know all ACA complaint ( Obamacare ) plans are Guaranteed Issue, In other words regardless of ones health they are guaranteed to obtain coverage. This obviously is a high risk pool resulting in higher premiums for healthy people.

Here at Marley Financial we have an exclusive underwritten plan that takes you out of the high risk pool with Obamacare. Because it is underwritten, meaning we ask health questions, we are able to provide health insurance at significantly reduced costs

Contact us today for information on how to let underwiting be an asset to you.

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